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Portugal is a most fascinating country, and the Portugal Pousadas still offer visitors one of the best hotel values in all of Europe! 


Portugal is a country with so much variety; from the popular playground beaches of the the Algarve in the south, to the much more traditional, and rural villages of the mountains in the north; from the vast olive and cork-oak groves of the Alentejo, to the vineyards of the Ebro river . . . to Lisbon, Obidos, Porto, and all the many wonders in between.

And - like the country itself - the Pousadas of Portugal are extraordinarily diverse, and will provide every traveler with fascinating, and beguiling travel experiences in luxury hotels that are as unique as the country itself.


Portugal boat

Portugal castle

Obidos Portugal


The 43 Portugal Pousadas on the mainland, and it's Azores islands, are among the very best places to stay while you are traveling through this beautiful country. 

(Go here for a description and history of the Pousadas of Portugal)

Every one of the Pousadas de Portugal offer all the conveniences that a traveler could desire . . . while several of these luxury hotels are also absolutely magnificent structures of architectural and historical significance.


Below is a table with all of the wonderful Portugal Pousadas listed by area -

Symbols for this Portugal Pousadas table;  

~ has a swimming pool
^ has wheelchair accessibility
* following name - see closure/renovation dates below table
 h historic building - an original historic monument
 d historic design - restored in the typical historic style of the area
 c charm - designed in the current style of the local area
 n nature - located within, or close to a special natural area

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Alentejo Pousadas

Pousada Alcacer do Sal      d
Pousada Alvito ~    h
Pousada Arraiolos      d
Pousada Beja ~ ^  h
Pousada Crato ~ ^  d
Pousada Elvas   ^  c
Pousada Estremoz   ^  h
Pousada Evora ~ ^  h
Pousada Marvao      c
Pousada Santa Clara a Velha ~ ^  n
Pousada Torrao ~ ^  n
Pousada Vila Vicosa      h

Algarve Pousadas

Pousada Sagres ~ ^  n
Pousada Estoi ~   h
Pousada Tavira   ^  h

Lisbon Area Pousadas

Pousada Obidos ~    h
Pousada Ourem      h
Pousada Palmela      h
Pousada Queluz      h
Pousada Setubal      h
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Center region Pousadas

Pousada Amoras   ^  h
Pousada Belmonte ~    c
Pousada Manteigas      n
Pousada Santa Cristina      n
Pousada Torreira      n
Pousada Vila Pouca da Beira      
Pousada Viseu ~    h

Northern region Pousadas

Pousada Alijo      c
Pousada Amares      c
Pousada Braganca ~    c
Pousada Braga   ^  h
Pousada Geres   ^  n
Pousada Guimaraes   ^  h
Pousada Marao   ^  c
Pousada Mesao Frio ~ ^  n
Pousada Porto ~   h
Pousada Santa Marinha ~ ^  h
Pousada Valenca ~    c
Pousada Viana do Castelo ~ ^  c
 Pousada Vila Nova de Cerveira ~    h

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