Central Portugal

Porto, Portugal from the river

 . . . and it's wonderful Pousadas

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The 'center' of Portugal is less visited by the tourist hoards, yet contains the magnificent university city of Coimbra, as well as many out-of-the-way treasures waiting to be discovered.

The coastline here is beautiful and secluded beaches abound. There are rugged mountains and wonderful natural parks.

Central Portugal coast village

This is an area for exploring by car. Get off onto the local roads, and make your own discoveries. You'll drive into villages where it will seem you've driven through a portal in time.

Typical Portuguese house

The 'center' area has 7 of Portugal's Pousadas spread across its beautiful countryside.

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Central Portugal Pousadas map

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Pousada Amoras
Pousada Manteigas
Pousada Santa Cristina
Pousada Torreira
Pousada Vila Pouca da Beira
Pousada Viseu



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