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Lisbon Belem Tower

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Lisbon and its surrounding area is the cultural heart of Portugal

Lisbon is a queen among Europe's great cities. Lisboa (pronounced Leeshboa in Portuguese) and it's nearby environs provide a wonderful 'playground' for the visitor; beautiful beaches, grand monuments, fairy-tale palaces and castles, history, culture, great restaurants, it's all here.


The city is built (pretty much entirely re-built after the devastating earthquake in 1775) on and around seven low hills on the water's edge. The city center has wide, tree-lined, mosaic-tiled avenues that are dotted with outdoor cafes. Then there is the Alfama district with a maze of narrow streets that still maintain the feel of its Moorish past.

Lisbon is a city of contrasts; modern and metropolitan while at the same time maintaining a wonderful ambience of an older, and simpler time. 

Lisbon harbor

Lisbon harbor


The Pousadas that are nearby also offer a contrasting mix of attractions.  There are five from which to choose.

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Pousada Queluz
Pousada Setubal
Pousada Palmela
Pousada Ourem
Pousada Obidos



The nearest 'must-see' destination from Lisbon is Sintra.

Sintra - lush and fanciful, with spectacular views from its craggy, hilltop location. Sintra is home to extravagant palaces and villas, and since Roman, and Moorish times has attracted the nobility of Portugal. It served as the summer residence of Portugal's kings for over 500 years.



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