Northern Portugal

Porto harbor

 . . . and it's wonderful Pousadas

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The north of Portugal's is green and lush. There are grape vineyards, and mountains, and villages that rarely see a tourist - as well as the great city of Porto

This is the center of the port wine - with the vast vineyards that line both sides of the Ebro river, and the grand bodegas in Porto. The area is wetter than the rest of the country, and it shows as your drive through the verdant countryside.

Douro region, Portugal


As with the other regions of Portugal - get off onto the local roads if you can. There are typical villages around every turn it seems - hidden gems that make self-driving, and spontaneous discovery a real joy . . . and there is always a wonderful Pousada close by for the next night's stay.


Porto, Portugal


The northern part of the country has 13 of Portugal's Pousadas closely spaced across its beautiful green countryside.

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Pousada Alijo
Pousada Amares
Pousada Braganca
Pousada Braga
Pousada Geres
Pousada Guimaraes
Pousada Marao
Pousada Mesao Frio

Pousada Porto
Pousada Santa Marinha

Pousada Valenca do Minho
Pousada Viana do Castelo

Pousada Vila Nova de Cerveira


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