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The Pousadas of Portugal are not just 'hotels.'  Many of them are wonderful places that embody the past - the cultural heritage of Portugal. These special buildings are storehouses of the ancient history of this great country. 

 Experiencing the Pousadas is 'cultural tourism' at it's best - and they provide you with lodgings that are a step above the usual tourist hotel.

The Portuguese Pousadas are medieval castles and fortresses, centuries-old monasteries, charming palaces and stately manor houses - places of historical interest and rare beauty.


Though many of the Pousadas of Portugal are situated in buildings that are centuries old - all have been refurbished and brought up to the highest quality of modern convenience and service. These are exceptional accommodations, and combine features that will captivate any traveler;  architecture, history, cuisine, ambience, and service.  In a word, they are unrivaled.

The Pousadas exemplify the harmonious combination of history, comfort, and beauty.  Each of the 43 Pousadas of Portugal is unique, yet there is a continuity of quality and service that comes to be expected, and trusted as you travel from Pousada to Pousada.

The Portugal Pousadas chain was founded in the 40's - first with regional style hotels, and then by the 50's began to include the historic castles, monasteries, and palaces that exemplify the best of the Pousadas today.  It is rarely more than a few hours, or at most a short half-day drive between one Pousada and the next.  This now makes traveling by car in Portugal a real pleasure.  The traveler can explore out-of-the-way areas and really get to know the country - always confident that a delightful place to rest, one of the fine Pousadas of Portugal, is awaiting just a little ways down the road.

These are places that offer a fascinating journey through the Portuguese culture, its tradition, art, and cuisine.

Portugal has a rich gastronomy which has been encouraged and preserved in the famed restaurants of the Pousadas. Each Pousada maintains and/or recreates the best of its regional gastronomy while also offering the finest in Portuguese wines.

Another thing that distinguishes the Portugal Pousada system is their commitment to environmental protection as they undertake their many restoration projects.  They are thereby helping maintain both the natural and cultural heritage of Portugal.

The 43 Pousadas de Portugal are a chain of exclusive hotels that are classified into four themes;

     - Historic Pousadas
     - Historic Design Pousadas
     - Nature Pousadas
     - Charm Pousadas

Among these are Pousadas that are sure to satisfy every taste and interest.




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